You can see most of the projects listed here on my Github page, and also on my Bitbucket page. Say no to the GitHub monoculture!

Projects which I am actually somewhat proud of

My code contributions to Prologin: extending the code generation tools in stechec2 and writing the game for the 2015 finals.

The one (very simple) thing I did that other people actually used: a script for formatting Weechat logs in HTML, written in Haskell (perhaps the best scripting language I know!). Théophile Bastian later turned this into a Weechat plugin.

Raising from the dead an experimental Lisp Machine processor for a hardware class (pretty ambitious for a school assignment). Joint work with Thomas Bourgeat (now doing a PhD in hardware at MIT). Includes :

The length of this section would be pretty sad if I weren’t a self-identified theorist. It might stagnate in its current state since I don’t do much programming nowadays. I still plan to experiment with languages such as Rust and Erlang some day.

School assignments


I used to write lots of small programs in high school, most of which were lost due to lack of proper backup discipline.